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Custom wood and metal artwork

About Us

DadGearMy father was from Boston, and a welder his whole life. He started a welding company about a decade ago making pool fences, corral fences, security doors, and fixing anything metal related; whatever got us paid. A lot of it wasn’t fun and exciting, and few things challenged us creatively.  My father taught me how to weld, and we spent some much-needed lost time together, which in turn taught me a valuable trade and many life lessons.  As terrible as I am at some art (drawing and painting), I seemed to find metal a good medium to work with and had fun designing things.

Unfortunately in August 2013 my father passed on from this world, so I have created a new company to continue to spend time with him and create pieces of “Art” for you to enjoy! I will happily create anything to fit your style, your ideas or mine, as long as I can use steel and/or wood. 🙂

We use the best reclaimed barn wood from PorterBarnwood and most of our metal comes from Industrial Metal Supply to fit all your needs!  Most of all we love to be tested, so feel free to challenge me and get a custom gate you’ll be proud to show off!

Please visit the contact us page for any questions or comments, or to get started on your gate!



Art and Mike