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Castle Gate 2

My dad helped start this project, but then passed away in the middle of finishing this project.  Installing this was a tough, yet at the same time, awesome moment. I still heard him talking to me while welding, and doing stuff with this gate.  We laughed and joked like we normally did, and he was still telling me all the things that I was doing wrong.  It was tough, but that was when I knew that he and I would always be making stuff together, from now on!

We decided to keep the wood we got from PorterBarnwood natural looking, (no color stain) to keep that grey shade from the PA hemlock, that once was a barn. Made another handle, the same as the other gate, for a little continuity. This project had a lot of love, hardship, pain, and anger put into it and I think it came out looking pretty awesome.

Next fun personal project is the RV gate…

1 comment for “Castle Gate 2

  1. June 12, 2014 at 8:46 am

    That is an awesome gate- one of a kind. Dad would be proud x

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