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Castle Gate 1

This is one of the first “art”-sy gates I built.  I knew I wanted something that felt like it was part of an old medieval castle. Perhaps my recent visit to England inspired me to get up and make them.  I knew PorterBarnWood had old reclaimed barn wood I could use, and i figured I would have to age the steel myself.  I wanted it to look like it had been through some rough times

I kept calling my dad, and had a hard time making decisions without him there.  When I did call him, he would just listen to what I said and ask me which I thought was best.  I guess hearing myself validate my ideas was all I needed to make sure I felt it was a good decision, and he was great at forcing me to make the decision.  I spent a lot of time doing this gate, as it was a concept in my head, and first of its kind.

I spent hours, banging and grinding steel to give it that custom AGED look, custom made the handles, and let it spend some time rusting, by spraying it down with water every couple days until  it really got going.  Then I would clean it off from time to time, allowing the rust to spread and color the metal nicely.  After the aging process finished, a nice coat of rustoleum and Shellac sealed the deal.

Then it was on to gate two!
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