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A friend of mine needed some “aged” brackets for a table and thought this would be a fun project to undertake!


 Here is my blog style gallery!  



I started with a 1-1/2″  piece of flat strap (left) and cut 4 pieces at 8-1/4″ each, and ground them down so just the steel was exposed.Bracket_project-1


I then clamped it down and proceeded to hammer it down with three different sized ball ping hammers to give it that “aged / hammered” look. We both took turns swinging away at the steel, creating craters both big and small, and eventually ended up with steel that looked like this!




Bracket_project-2Mental note:

When attacking this task, do not leave your beer on the table you are beating, you will ultimately end up with a fallen comrade (left)  🙁

 From here we need to grind down the edges to make it look “eaten”.




Once we have our Strip, we can clamp it down

and hammer one end down on a straight edge,
giving us a nice 90degree angle
and you’re left with something like this!



This is what the finished product yielded.  Turned out pretty nice!!


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